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Genuine and simple way to earn gold bars or 3255€ every 60-90 days in Emgoldex!

Find out how to get a source of passive income, earn gold bars and increase your investment by several times with Emgoldex!

Hello dear Friend! Would you like to learn how to spend your time and apply your work so effectively that you could create your own gold reserves and gold reserves of your family? Are you one of those people who are ready to learn from the success of others? If yes, you are in the right place!

Now, we are going to be talking about gold and about a highly lucrative investment opportunity provided by the Emirates Gold Exchange company (Emgoldex). Today, more than 1800 000 Emgoldex partners in 146 countries buy and earn gold every month and the number of customers increases by tens of thousands. Why? They have learned how to build a business with gold bars on the internet. Being a part of a performing group of investors, you can earn a substantial amount of money with Emgoldex.

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About Company

The Emgoldex Trade Dmcc is registered in a certified free economic zone Dubai Multi Commodities Centre – DMCC. This Centre is the market infrastructure for trading in commodities worldwide, such as: gold, precious metals, diamonds, pearls, precious stones, oil, tea, cotton and other various raw materials.

DUBAI MULTI COMMODITIES CENTRE is the state zone of the Arab Emirates, established by the government of Dubai and possessing the exclusive right to issue the licences to trade in commodities.

The Emgoldex Trade Dmcc company is registered and obtains the licence in the free economic zone Dubai Multi Commodities Center for trade in Gold and Precious Metals all over the world. The company operates with the maximum profit for its customers.

This licence is exclusive. Only the companies registered in the state economic zone DMCC can obtain it. Therefore some more world companies are registered in DMCC, which are engaged in production and trade in gold bars and precious metals.

Administrative address:

Correspondent address:


Suite 1, Second Floor,
Sound and Vision House
Francis Rachel Str. Victoria,

Mahe Seychelles
Singel 540
1017 AZ
Unit No. 705, Indigo Tower
Plot No. D1, Jumeirah Lakes Towers
United Arab Emirates



The EMGOLDEX online store is intended for trade in investment gold through the Internet worldwide.
The company not only sells the bars, but also provides a guarantee of redemption of gold from its clients on the most favorable prices.

With sustained experience of retail sales of investment gold, the company combines traditional direct sales with a specially - developed system of moving goods on the recommendations by offering a new investment and trade program Emgolgex.

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Why Dubai?

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About Goldex Program

Emgoldex provides an opportunity for many people to create their own capital at the expense of understanding the idea of how you can earn permanently and consistently, and how favourably you can apply your work in the development of additional income in the form of regularly arriving compensation, on which the bars of investment gold will be purchased.

Possessing the small starting capital and having opened an initial deposit in the company, due to the overwhelming desire and the effort you can create your own gold reserves and gold reserves of your family.

To expand the market and increasing sales, the company has developed and adopted new business model, which has embodied in the Goldex program.

By working out the strategy of marketing program Goldex, the company took the best decisions checked up by time and has united them in the marketing program.

The program provides the clients of the Internet - shop to receive an unlimited income in the long-term period for advertising of selling production.

The purpose of creation of the program.

For the company - to expand a commodity market of a selling production.

For clients - to receive a payment for professional advertising, extended worlwide and to participate in distribution of profits of the Internet shop.

The model is a specially designed system based on a mathematical algorithm. A specially designed computer program provides an opportunity to carry out and complete the cycles of purchases and sales of gold bars with the participation of the buyers, thereby expanding the market worldwide.

Now everyone who wants to have an investment gold, has an opportunity to get an order for the purchase and sale of an investment gold and participate in the Goldex program. In addition, the Buyer shall fulfill an easy, minimal conditions of the program available to all segments of the population.

Sales System, developed by the experts of the company includes the best elements of modern marketing.

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How it works? Watch presentation (4 min.)

Terms of a marketing program

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Join us now and get:

  • Useful information to start, conditions of work with the company.
  • A Sponsor, who'll give you detailed instructions how to start and develop in Emgoldex.
  • Your personal internet office.
  • Your personal Web site on the Internet (the same as the one on which you are now).
  • Opportunity to build a team and keep getting gold bullions!
  • Statistics.
  • Marketing materials, templates, etc.

You will learn:

  • How to start investing in gold and earn it?
  • How to change your thinking towards business thinking and investing?
  • How to diversify risks and increase profits?
  • How to fulfill a marketing formula 1+2 quickly and easily?
  • How to avoid mistakes of most newcomers and start making your business effectively?

Before taking any further steps it's highly recommended to contact your Sponsor after registration to clarify details. This is necessary in order not to prejudice the interests of other members of the team. You can find your Sponsor's contacts on the right-hand column of this page. We urge you to read General terms and conditions for participation in Goldex marketing program for the deep understanding of the program.

During registration you'll need your sponsor's ID. It's an obligatory field. Make sure you can see these numbers: 742792664 in the 'Sponsor' field.

Our partners are ready to give answers to all your questions. Please, don't hesitate to contact us.

We are looking forward to see you in our Emgoldex Family soon!

Best wishes!

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Gold - das Metall der Götter und Könige!
Unser Angebot
Kauf und Verkauf von Investment Goldbarren. Die verantwortliche Organisation für Lagerung und Versicherung in Fachgeschäften in Deutschland, der Schweiz und den Vereinigten Arabischen Emiraten
Goldex Program
Goldex Program kombiniert die besten Werkzeuge des modernen Marketing, dass der Markt erhöhen würde und erhöhen das Volumen der Verkäuf

Im Laufe von 5000 Jahren, angefangen mit Pharaos und bis zu den Präsidenten, ist Gold als Symbol der Macht und des Reichtumes bekannt. Wer Gold hatte, hatte immer Geld. 

Es hat sich bis heute nicht geändert. Wer Gold hat, hat immer Geld. Inzwischen gingen Staaten, National Währungen, Fonds usw. zu Grunde, nur Gold blieb als Maß des Warenwertes übrig. Gold ist eine einzigartige Ware, die niemals am Wert verliert und keine andere Ware kann mit Gold verglichen werden.

Die wahre finanzielle Stabilität  kann man mit Gold kaufen. Es bleibt nach wie vor unbestreitbare Tatsache!

Important message!

Dear customers and our new potential clients of the online store of Emgoldex,
The online store of Emgoldex conducts and develops its activity all over the world. We would like to give you a warning that, unfortunately, there are people who try to provide their activity, or activities of their legal entities on behalf of the only official company and online store of Emgoldex. Using the brand name of the company for the promotion and distribution of the goods and services, these unfair persons mislead other customers and potential clients of the online store...

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